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Self Flowering Volume Lashes


Self Flowering

Volume Lash Tray

Silk Fibre

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Self Flowering Volume Lashes

C Curl 0.05

Available in Lengths – 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 14mm

Silk Fibre, soft, flexible, lightweight eyelash extensions

Fan with ease making every lash artists application much faster and easier

Able to make fans from 2-10D  (depending on natural eyelash health)

Place tweezers between the amount of lashes you want, squeeze tweezers gently together and pull lashes forward towards you off the strip, dip base into glue and apply to the natural lash

Fan can also be placed down on silicon pad or sticky bubble and fanned out to the desired width, then pick up, dip in glue and apply to eyelashes


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