Eyelash Extension Medium Kit


Medium Graft-A-Lash Kit


Medium Graft-A-Lash Eyelash Extension Kit

400 FULL SETS (based on 80 lashes per set, national requirement) 

The Medium eyelash kit is a great addition to any salon or training facility looking to have 2 people work from 1 kit. With the contents easily supporting this.


1 x large metal case
2 x 2 sided brush/comb
2 x scissors
4 x tweezers
1 x eye make-up remover 125ml
2 x black adhesive glue
2 x glue remover cream
100 x micro fibre sticks (for use with glue remover)(100qty)
2 x air pump (to dry lashes)
2 x jade stones (for glue dispensing)
2 x silicone lash pads (to hold lashes when grafting)
2 x mascaras (to use with extensions)
15 x packets of lint free eye pads (to secure bottom lashes)
75 x pre prep cleansing pads (primer)
2 x paper tape rolls
20 x Disposable mascara wands

10 x Aftercare Cards


6 x Lash Trays (different lengths, thicknesses and curls)

2 x Lash Pots (different lengths, thicknesses and curls)


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